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   Sanjiv Taneja   Accelerators

Sanjiv Taneja

   Larry Kelly   Energy
   Ron Weissman   Software

Ron Weissman

   Thomas Dittler   AeroAstro
   Mike Bates   Life Sciences

Mike Bates
Life Sciences

   Ron Burns   Software

Ron Burns

   Jaleh Daie   AgFood Tech

Jaleh Daie
AgFood Tech

   Rich Juelis   Life Sciences

Rich Juelis
Life Sciences

   Jack Guedj   Venture Capital

Jack Guedj
Venture Capital

   Pat Guerra   Art of the Deal

Pat Guerra
Art of the Deal

   Robert Kyle   Luminary

Robert Kyle

   Bill Loesch   Venture Capital

Bill Loesch
Venture Capital

   Daniel Joensen   Blockchain

Daniel Joensen

   Kurt Petersen   HardTech
   Dave Krauthamer   Digital Disruption

Dave Krauthamer
Digital Disruption

   Bruce Walicek   HardTech

   Ian Sobieski   Committee Chairman

Ian Sobieski
Committee Chairman

   Mike Bates   Life Sciences

Mike Bates
Life Sciences

   Ron Burns   Semiconductor

Ron Burns

   Rakesh Sood   Software

Rakesh Sood

   Jim Ashford   Miscellaneous

Jim Ashford

   Chris Meyer   MIscellaneous

Chris Meyer

   Jonathan Leong   Miscellaneous

Jonathan Leong


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