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Liliana Nordbakk

Liliana Nordbakk is a serial entrepreneur with twenty plus years of experience in business development and finance in the software industry. She built several companies in Europe, which she ran from inception through an IPO or acquisition. She co-founded NorCom Information Technologies AG in 1989 and took it public at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999. After the IPO she was responsible for the implementation of NorCom’s international expansion strategy. In this role she managed three major acquisitions for NorCom (NSA, Oslo; Value Risk, Bad Homburg and MaxiMedia, Dublin) and a US subsidiary (NorCom, Inc. Palo Alto) Liliana also co-founded DreTec Software Ltd., Ireland, a joint venture between NorCom AG and Dresdner Bank, now Commerzbank AG, which developed some of the bank’s major internet banking applications. She was responsible for the general management and business development of DreTec and managed its trade sale to Allianz Group in 2001. Most recently she founded Motke Capital LLC, an independent private equity firm. The firm’s proprietary investment approach enables small and medium sized technology companies in Germany to effectively participate in the US market.