Band of Angels members visit Italy to meet with leading startups

Band of Angels members Jaleh Daie (Chair, AgFood Tech Group) and Ron Weissman (Chair, Software Group) received diplomas from Gelato University, for completing a course in gelato science, from Carpigiani, the world’s leader in the sale of gelato machines. They toured the plant as part of a week-long visit to the Emilia-Romagna region by 10 Silicon Valley investors to understand their tech sector and meet with leading startups.

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Welcome to the portfolio - IrriGreen


We are pleased to welcome IrriGreen to the Band of Angels portfolio of funded companies. IrriGreen designs and manufactures the Genius lawn irrigation system.

Lawn irrigation is the biggest use of household water in the U.S. That's nine billion gallons every day. Half of this water is wasted by inefficient irrigation systems that overlap and spray on sidewalks and streets. IrriGreen conserves that water. The IrriGreen system uses as much as 50% less water, because their Genius sprinkler heads spray in the exact shape of any lawn, eliminating wasteful overlap and overspray. This means a 10,000 sq ft lawn will save up to 950,000 gallons in ten years, compared to a conventional system.

Welcome to the portfolio - Mechanodontics


We are pleased to welcome Mechanodontics to the Band of Angels portfolio of funded companies. Mechanodontics has developed a new and more effective behind-the-teeth alternative to braces and aligners to help you smile with more confidence and schedule your last orthodontist appointment sooner. The Mechanodontics discreet device works independently on each tooth and requires little supervision or adjustment from your doctor which means quicker results and fewer appointments.

Welcome to the portfolio - Arovia

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We are pleased to welcome Arovia to the Band of Angels portfolio of funded companies. At Arovia, they've made it their mission to create something you've never seen before. They want to enable you to maximize your mobile content anywhere and everywhere! They will strive to continue making your life more productive, more fun, and more flexible! The SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-Up Display) is the only desktop-sized display that collapses like an umbrella for portability.