Accelerators Special Interest Group at SkyDeck Demo Day


A dozen Band of Angels members participated in the SkyDeck Fall 2018 Demo Day through the proactive outreach of the Accelerators Special Group (SiG). Over the past 2 years since the start of the Accelerators SiG, we have developed and nurture partnerships with key Bay Area accelerators, co-working spaces, foundries, and incubators through active participation of SiG members in Demo Day/Investor Day and similar events to identify promising startups.

Portfolio News: Onedome Raises $3.3 Million in Series A Funding


Onedome, an immersive media company, has raised $3.33 million in Series A funding in a round led by Evolve Ventures to continue expanding its newly-opened, first-of-its-kind interactive AR experience The Unreal Garden in San Francisco and to build LMNL, an upcoming 10,000 square foot interactive gallery, opening later this Winter. Additional investment amounts include approximately $2.22 million in convertible notes converting into Series A. Onedome’s current funding to date is $5.55 million.

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Portfolio News: CNote Hits a High Note, Celebrates Multi-Milestone Year


CNote, a women-led financial technology company, announced that over the past year, they'd hit multiple milestones on the road to creating a more inclusive economy in America.

The California-based fintech startup, whose overarching mission is to close the wealth gap in the United States by providing funding to women and minority-led small businesses, supporting affordable housing, and increasing investment in low-income communities, has seen an explosive year since launching publicly in September 2017.

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