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Andre Gueziec

Andre Gueziec is an entrepreneur and executive with a unique combination of product vision, technical depth, and startup expertise. His passion is to build a quality product and experience from the ground up. Andre? founded Beat the Traffic (nicknamed "BTT") in 2003 and successfully sold it to a Canadian media group, Pelmorex (The Weather Network and MeteoMedia) in 2012. The Beat the Traffic system is used by 60 TV stations in many large North American cities. Beat the Traffic is also a popular Smartphone App, consistently in the top 10 in the free navigation category. Our mission is to "Help users Beat the Traffic" and BTT is essentially an ecosystem for actionable traffic and routing information, with a Media Business and Consumer angles, and combining conventional data sources with user-generated information. Andre? started BTT and, as its CEO, grew it to a profitable business with original and defensible Intellectual Property, and an excellent team. He is an active Angel investor and advisor to a few technology companies. His sweet spot is to be the catalyst in early stage opportunities where it also makes sense for him to actively participate in an advisory role. Earlier Andre? was Senior Software Engineer and Architect at Multigen and Borland. Andre? started at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Univ. Paris 11, and a MS in Economics from Univ. Paris 11 Sorbonne. Andre? also holds a MS in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris. He has published about forty peer-reviewed papers, journal articles and book chapters and is an inventor of about 25 U.S Patents.