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Thomas Driscoll

Tom Driscoll‘s interest in game changing technologies has led him to invest in innovative startups addressing climate change, an issue he passionate about. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors of SunSynchrony, a revolutionary solar startup. He is an investor in Brillouin Energy in Berkeley, and is working there to create the first commercially viable Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (AKA Cold Fusion). Tom has been active as a volunteer for SF Electric Vehicle Association and Calcars.org to promote plug-in electric vehicles, and assisted in converting the first Priuses to plug-in hybrids. He was the Senior Design Consultant for Akeena Solar from 2004 to 2011. Previously, he was co- founder, owner, and COO of Tubes Jewelry from 1987 to 2004. He managed the production, administration and sales force, as well as contributing to the design and materials sourcing. From 1984-86, Tom worked as a commercial mortgage broker. He was VP of Sales & Marketing for Xoodl, Inc., a Vermont toy manufacturer in 1980-81. Tom’s interest in the environment spurred him to design and build a passive solar and wind powered home in Vermont in 1974. He attended the Dynamy Program in Worcester, MA, and Goddard College, in Plainfield, VT, where he studied Art & Photography.