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Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert is ramping San Francisco-based mobile startup BeeBell, serving as COO, while serving on the Board of Directors of Boston- based Synchrony Innovations and the Belgian consumer video service DVDPost. Dan also advises other companies in which he has invested, including Entytle, Peloton Interactive, and Tro?v, with a focus on deploying processes, systems, and teams to support rapid growth. Dan was born and raised near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After graduating from MIT, he started his career in management consulting with McKinsey & Company and A.T. Kearney, later holding leadership positions at leading technology companies including Webvan, Palm, Cisco Systems, and Flextronics. Dan served as the Executive Vice President of Operations and Customer Service at Barnes & Noble, helping to drive the company’s expansion into digital reading. Dan led the supply chain for the NOOK® product line, spanning new product introduction, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service. Dan has been an active member of the Band of Angels since 2009 and serves as a Limited Partner in the Acorn Fund. He sits on the MIT Corporation's Visiting Committee for the Social Sciences and on the Advisory Board of the Silicon Valley Institute for Regenerative Medicine ( He lives in Portola Valley, California with his wife, son, and daughter.