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Steve Getsy

Steve Getsy is The Founder and CEO of On-Line Ventures®, an investment and development firm founded in 1993 and focused on emerging growth companies that utilize on-line technologies to solve business problems, increase productivity/reduce costs, and/or create new business opportunities. Steve has over 40 years experience in the information technology industry with leading companies such as IBM (NYSE:IBM), ADP (NYSE:ADP) and FiServ (NASDAQ:FISV). At IBM, Steve was a Senior Technical Analyst at IBM’s Research and Development Laboratories in Yorktown Heights, NY. With a mission of bringing laboratory proven technologies to market, Steve was instrumental in developing a number of leading edge products and services including the first Automated Voice Response System (sorry!) which was recently featured at The Smithsonian. Steve left IBM with 4 other systems engineers to start Automatic Remote Computer Services (ARCS) which developed the first automated online back office system for Wall Street Firms. ARCS was sold to ADP where Steve enjoyed a 15+ year career first as an online technology executive specializing in bringing laboratory tested technology to market, then running a number of ADP’s Strategic Business Units, and finally becoming a Corporate Vice President. In 1984 Steve joined FiServ, then a private management buyout company as Executive Vice President for Marketing and Sales. Steve helped take the company through its IPO in 1986 and grow the company into the multibillion dollar company it is today. As an entrepreneur, Steve has been on the team that started 3 successful companies: ARCS mentioned above, Internet Capital Group (NASDAQ:ICGE - IPO) and On-Line Ventures® (OLV). At OLV, Steve has helped fund and develop over forty private emerging stage companies with 6 achieving successful IPO's and a number of other successful exits. A few of the leading companies include Netcom (NASDAQ:NETC - IPO), Exodus (NASDAQ:EXDS - IPO), Daleen Technologies (NASDAQ:DALN - IPO), Freemarkets/Ariba (NASDAQ:FMKT/ARBA - IPO), WiseWire (sold to Lycos) and MatchLogic (sold to Excite), and most recently BorderFree (NASDAQ:BRDR – IPO). Steve graduated with a BS degree in Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, completed his MS in Computer Science at New York University and has an Executive MBA from Columbia Business School. Steve resides in Florida but spends a fair amount of time in our area.