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Demetris Paraskevopoulos

Demetris Paraskevopoulos is the Founder and Managing Director of Nif/T, L.L.C., a new business catalyst consulting firm assisting new companies, or new business within existing companies, to improve their business and marketing direction, structure and negotiate business deals, develop Intellectual Property strategy, enhance the valuation of the firm, and assist with financing and M&A activities. A key emphasis is on the development and monetization of patents. He has held several positions in large and small companies including Tower Semiconductors, USA, Inc. where he served as General Manager and Vice President, and Corporate Business Development, Vice President of Business Development at Fourth Communications Network, Inc. He has directed corporate strategic marketing developments at National Semiconductor, and has also managed the marketing and sales for the board level products. Prior to National Semiconductor, he worked at Xerox Corporation, rising from a design engineer to managing a 100+ person organization in the U.S. and in Europe. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; American Physical Society; a founder of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC); the Association for Corporate Growth, and other professional organizations. He has published over 30 publications in professional journals (IEEE, APS) and Xerox or NSC internal technical reports in the areas of science, microelectronics, technology, economics and management. He also has over 20 professional society speeches, and 4 patents issued. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Magnet Lab, Post Doctoral studies in Superconductivity, Instrumentation, and Solid state devices; Boston University, Ph.D. in Physics; University of Rochester, M.B.A. in Financial Economics; Boston University, M.A. in Physics; Brown University, Sc.M. in Electrical Engineering and University of Athens, Greece, Diploma of Sciences.