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Jayesh Sahasi

Jayesh Sahasi is a Technology Executive and Investor with significant experience in SaaS, Entrepreneurial ventures, focused on delivering software solutions that add significant value to various customers and industries. From concept, to roadmap, delivery, and sales enablement, a big-picture executive who can also roll up his sleeves and dive into the code. Jayesh has over 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurial Management, and has been Head of Product Management, Product Marketing, Engineering, Systems (SFDC), and Quality Assurance. Jayesh has significant experience with Product Strategy and Execution, having scaled new ventures from $0 to $70MM+ ARR. Jayesh has significant experience managing and steering a company's Intellectual Property portfolio to maximize value and build a moat around the business, and has about half a dozen patents in his own name.Able to consistently meet tight deadlines with a small, cost-effective core team of specialists, Jayesh has excelled at hiring, motivating, managing, retaining, and growing key talent.
-General Management, SaaS, Internet, Rich Media, UX, Marketing, AI, Deep Learning
-Operations, Product Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Professional Services, Quality Assurance
- Neural Networks, Expert Systems, AI, Machine Learning
- High Scalability, Distributed Software, Weblogic, Java, EJB, JPA, Multi-Threaded applications, Asynchronous processing, Responsive Design, AJAX, HTML5, MPEG-DASH, Node.js, JSON/XML, Mobile, ASP, .NET,