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Antonio Salerno

Antonio Salerno began his career on Wall Street, managing hedged options portfolios and strategies at AG Edwards and EFHutton. His first start-up funding (1981) was a private syndicate for Osborne Computer, although VCs pre-empted the round. After senior executive positions at Motorola, Atari, and Borland, and two Silicon Valley startups, Antonio was the Founder and CEO of Conxion Corp., a high-end hosting and IP network company. Conxion had significant relationships with large high tech companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, and many others. Conxion's achievements included being the only debt-free company in the business, and an 80%+ founder/employee ownership at sale. Conxion was a Gartner "Magic Quadrant" company and received WebHosting's "Iron Man Award" as the most reliable hosting provider. While at Conxion, Antonio conceived of "Web University," an infrastructure and funding partnership for startups, marketed via IBM and (IBM's annual report had two pages about it). Antonio is now CEO of NeuroGrids, a new computing platform of supercomputers grid-connected via the Internet, running commercial applications on mainstream software platforms.