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VK Rajaram

V.K.Rajaram has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry with experience in business transformations, globalization, applications development, implementation, and operations of both a high-growth business and businesses at scale. He is currently a full-time investor as well as an advisor to a professional services company. Prior to this, he was VP - Enterprise Applications Development at Intuit, responsible for enabling the company’s transformation from a desktop software company to a Cloud/Mobile company. Prior to that he spent a number of years at Oracle where he led many initiatives that saw the transformation of solutions at Oracle from character-mode to client-server to web. He was one of the original leaders of Oracle’s transformation to an eBusiness that resulted in eliminating billions of dollars from its cost structure. He was also an executive sponsor for a number of CRM implementations with Oracle's strategic customers. Prior to leaving Oracle, he led the CRM Cloud operations team for a high-growth product that competed with SalesForce.com and was responsible for insourcing it as well as building it into a 24x7 global organization. He has a Bachelors in Physics and an MBA in Marketing from University of Bombay.