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Mizan Rahman

Mizan is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor who is driven by solving everyday problems with simplistic technical innovations. In 1999, he founded BayBuilder and totally disrupted how fortune 1000 companies negotiate with their supply base. Many prominent companies such as Honeywell, TRW, Bayer, Lenox, PPG industries, Lexmark and others adopted his technology. BayBuilder was acquired by PurchasePro ( NASDAQ: PPRO) in 2001. Mizan then started M2SYS in 2003 and grown it to become a global leader in biometric & identity management technology. M2SYS solutions are used by companies and government from over 100 countries and generated over $75 millions in revenue. He also founded Medilyzer (medilyzer.com) – the virtual pharmacist app, GoPine - business managed review platform to capture real-time customer sentiments to augment sparse reviews in yelp and CircleCare (mycirclecare.com)- the family app to inspire & appreciate your loved ones. His latest venture is RightPatient, a digital health company with the mission to eradicate unwanted death because of patient record mix-ups in US hospitals. RightPatient is being used by more than 50 major hospitals to safeguard their over 10 millions patients. Mizan is the recipient of “Technology Innovator of the Year” by InfoWorld. He is a frequent speaker in many US and International conferences, symposiums and universities such as the International Biometric Conference and MIT. He received BS in computer science from Florida Atlantic University and MS in Computational Science & Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.