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Pirooz Parvarandeh

Pirooz Parvarandeh has over 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector. He joined Maxim Integrated in 1987 when it was a pre-IPO company. During his 27-year tenure at Maxim, he has played a key role in Maxim’s growth to a $2.4B/year company. As Group President, he has led new product development activities, and has had P&L responsibility for a number of business units whose aggregate revenues were approximately $800M/year. Pirooz led the creation of Maxim’s Automotive Business Unit from the ground up. This business unit has grown to have revenues well in excess of $100M/year. He became Maxim’s first CTO in 2011. As CTO he championed innovation, and led advanced technology development organizations that provided foundational technologies for many of Maxim’s products. Pirooz also led Maxim Labs which is chartered with developing disruptive technologies that have a 3+ year time horizon. In early 2015, he moved on from Maxim to pursue new professional challenges. He currently serves in senior advisory and consulting roles in a broad range of technologies such as Roche’s DNA sequencing unit, and multiple startups in the semiconductor, software and systems areas. Pirooz is also an angel investor in 10’s of start-ups. He has been active in the IEEE where he has served in the Technology Directions sub-committee of ISSCC for the past several years. He is well versed in the areas of technology, strategy, growing and running businesses and the management of highly diverse disciplines.