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Kathy Lane

Ms. Lane has over 30 years in high technology, acting as a founder or key member of the management team in eleven startups.  During her career, Ms. Lane has been a speaker at many computer industry events around the world and a guest on radio and television shows.  She continues to be an angel investor and advisor to startups.  Ms. Lane served as Vice President of Dataquest, a market research firm, providing expertise and advice regarding the personal computer software industry to personal computer software companies, venture capatalists and Wall Street analysts.  Kathy was also the CEO of Softview, the makers of MacInTax.  As CEO, she led the acquisition of Softview to ChipSoft.  At ChipSoft, Ms. Lane service as President, TurboTax Professional Tax Division and was a member of the management team involved in the ChipSoft initial public offering.  She was a co-founder of WorkCard Inc., helping to raise $10 million of venture capital.  WorkCard created electronic collaborative workspaces, connecting Forture 1000 companies with staff companies and temporary workers.  Ms. Lane’s latest business is  Using her background in information workflow, market research and taxes, provides products and resources to help individuals deal with the last stages of life.  Ms. Lane is the author of a new book “DieSmart”.