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Mike Horton

While studying at UC Berkeley, Mike Horton founded Crossbow Technology, a leader in MEMS-based inertial navigation systems and wireless sensor networks, with his advisor the late Dr. Richard Newton.  Mike served as CEO from inception until its successful exit.  Crossbow Technology grew to $23M in revenue prior to being sold in two transactions (Moog, Inc and MEMSIC) totaling $50M.  Since selling Crossbow Technology, Mike has been active in the UC Berkeley research community, helping several professors nurture start-up ideas.  Mike is also co-CEO of an Internet news discussion site (Yabberz) with his wife Melissa. Mike holds over 15 patents.   Mike’s hobbies include golf, swimming, and the study of Chinese.  He has working proficiency in Chinese and has passed the HSK Level 4 exam. Mike has three girls age 11, 7, and 3.