Software SiG - Artificial Intelligence

The Software SiG will meet on Wednesday, February 1st from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Carr & Ferrell (120 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park). Thanks to great recommendations from many members we now have 3 expert speakers and 5 presenting companies. Please join us for an overview of the state of the industry from Kartik Gada, Executive Director Woodside Capital, who will discuss the emergence of this multi-billion $ industry, including extensive M&A activity expected as big players engage in an AI arms race. David Yang, Band Member, Chairman of Abby and CEO of Findo.IO will help us understand the state of the technology – which has moved from rules based engines and algorithms to deep machine learning, NLP and true AI that seeks to match and eventually excel human cognitive skills. Hadley Reynolds, Cognitive Computing Analyst, NextEra, Former IDC, Former Delphi, will speak on Trends in Cognitive Computing. Several AI companies currently fundraising will pitch to the group.