Membership is by invitation only

Band members are generally successful high technology founders or executives, are accredited investors, and have an interest in mentoring and investing in high-risk startups. The Band works well because of the exclusive and experienced nature of its membership. The key advantages to the Band are improving your deal flow, having colleagues to share diligence and opinions, and distributing risk across a number of deals. A deal that garners investment from the Band gets much more than money. It gets the involvement of a group of individuals whose networks and experience can be much more valuable than their seed capital. Typically, every company that receives investment from the Band also gets a Band member to serve on the company's Board. If you would like to learn more about Band membership, please email


Membership is by invitation only. Generally, one must be sponsored by a current member who knows the new member and can recommend them. Nevertheless, we do accept new members initially unknown to the group and all who fit the criteria and have an interest are encouraged to consider the group. Angel investors that are interested to apply for membership with the Band are invited to attend a Band Deal Dinner, Second Look Lunch, and a Special Interest Group (SiG) that is in the industry area of their expertise. View the calendar of upcoming meetings. The membership process includes completion of a Member Information Form and meeting with several members of the Membership Committee for informal conversations. These meetings are a great opportunity for prospective members to learn from the members about the Band process and their membership experience. It is readily apparent by all sides if a fit exists and, if so, an invitation is extended.


The culture of the Band is to recognize that its members have led serious careers and can decide for themselves how best to use the opportunities made available through the Band. Hence, there are no firm performance criteria on the membership. Nevertheless, it is generally expected that members attend a third of the meetings, invest in one deal per year, help with diligence on potential investments, make their networks available to each other, keep confidential information confidential, and strive to maintain the Band’s conviviality.


The Band provides its members enhanced deal flow, better due diligence, and the negotiating power of indirectly pooling capital. The group also provides a forum for fellowship of like minded successful people. Investing in seed stage companies is very risky. The Band brings together at one place and time some of the most successful people in Silicon Valley; folks who have walked the walk. By sharing their experiences and judgments the assessment of potential companies is quicker and more accurate. Each member is often a recognized source of capital in their own communities, so each brings to the Band a unique source of new deals.