Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor SiG - March 2017

The Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor Software Special Interest Group (WCS SiG) met on Monday, March 13th at Carr & Ferrell (120 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Presenters included: a company that provides wireless, smartphone-connected, exposure/color meters for both novice and professional photographers and filmmakers; a company that is the world’s first mobile metabolic rate tracker that synchronizes wirelessly to a mobile app and allows you to measure and track resting metabolic rate to assess personalized caloric needs for your patients’ weight management; a company whose technology automates facility management leading to effective utilization of workforce and materials, and a company that is the first Smart Feeder device for newborn babies and provides critical feeding health, nutrition, and wellness data to parents and to medicine. 

The next WCS SiG will be on Monday, April 17th. To apply, please complete the online application and check " Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor SiG".