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Wendy Kok

Wendy  is  a   seasoned  executive   with   20+   years  of   experience in investment management, corporate finance and tax structuring. She retired from Sequoia Capital China (Sequoia) in December 2016 and become  Consultant  to  Sequoia.  Wendy  is  now  actively  involved  in angel investments in the San Francisco Bay  Area. Wendy is a venture capital business leader who has made tremendous impact in China, including framing the compliance protocol and working with the government authorities.  Since  2011, Wendy  has led Sequoia Capital China as Chief Financial Officer and Operations Lead through the most aggressive growth period. With over 200 active investments to govern, Wendy was able to construct an ideal end-state strategic vision and deconstruct ginormous problems into manageable tactical  steps. She was instrumental in aligning legal, finance, tax, and HR departments into one cohesive team to interface with the deal team. Wendy co-founded the Hong Kong Private Equity Finance Association to advocate for knowledge sharing and  promotion  of  positive  impact of  venture capital.  She  envisioned  the  association  as platforms for VC and PE to actively dialog with governments and participate in policy meetings.  Ms. Kok seized every opportunity to interface with the Chinese and Hong Kong governments in VC     policy discussion with the common goal of striking balances between innovation, investment, policy, and taxation. Prior to entering the private equity and venture capital industry, Wendy was the Partner in Tax & Business Advisory Services with Ernst & Young. She was also appointed as the Leader for Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services for central China region. Wendy attained Partnership within 9.5 years of her career and was the  youngest to  be admitted into the Ernst & Young partnership in  the China tax department. During her time with Ernst & Young, Wendy led the first acquisition by a U.S. private equity fund into    a state-owned enterprise in North-eastern China, negotiating with the government officials and navigating sensitive and complex compliance issues. The company later successfully listed in the  Hong Kong stock exchange. Wendy also made history by successfully negotiating the first provincial city Advance Pricing Agreement for Xiamen in Southern China. This was celebrated by the city Mayor through a public ceremony. The negotiation resulted in reducing client’s tax liability by over 50%. Wendy was awarded as one of the Top 10 CFOs in the private equity and venture capital industry in China for 2015. She synthesizes strategic vision with depth and intent, communicate succinctly and persuasively  with  buy-in  and  respect,  lead  change  with  courage  and  humility,  decisive  decision making through empowered team, sharpen leadership in others through leading by example, and   build impactful connections with others through authentic relationships. Wendy received  an  executive MBA  from Kellogg  School  of  Management, a Master of  Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.