University of Notre Dame ESTEEM “Startup Salon”

Band member Richard Pivnicka, Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic, on March 14th hosted a “Startup Salon” at AutoVino in Menlo Park for 50 Masters in Entrepreneurship and MBA students from his alma mater University of Notre Dame. In Notre Dame’s 11-month entrepreneurship program – ESTEEM – students learn not only about startups in general but specifically about the commercialization of innovative science, engineering, and technology discoveries and innovations. Ian Sobieski, Chairman of the Band of Angels, interviewed Marc Tarpenning, co-founder of Tesla Motors, educator, and role model. Other prominent guests invited to converse with the graduate students included Whit Diffie, winner of the $1m Turing Prize, the “Nobel" of computer science, and, Dr. Ramesh Raskar, Director of MIT Camera Labs and winner of the $500,000 Lemelson Award. 

Life Sciences/MedTech SiG - March 2017

The Life Sciences/MedTech Special Interest Group (SiG) met on Wednesday, March 15th at Carr & Ferrell (120 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park) from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Presenters included: a diagnostic/software company that has developed a next generation approach to objectively quantify pain in humans, a company that makes programmable temporary tattoos that are electronics-free and transform to convey useful information about your body or environment, a company that is creating a solution that delivers accurate, objective indicators of asthma control as part of a service to support patients and their families in achieving the best outcomes, and a company that has developed surgical systems improving soft tissue repair in both lower and upper extremities.

The next Life Sciences/MedTech SiG meeting will be on Wednesday, May 17th. To apply, please complete the online application and check "Life Sciences/MedTech SiG".

Lifograph SF Pitch with Band of Angels and Dolby Venture

Band member Bruce Schechter and Andrew Krowne from Dolby Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, met with a group of startup entrepreneurs at Pivotal Labs on March 14th at the SF Pitch Night organized by Lifograph. Both speakers provided great advice and nice feedback to the founders. Lifograph, the Wiki of People, is building the timeline and connection graph of the Who's Who in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor SiG - March 2017

The Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor Software Special Interest Group (WCS SiG) met on Monday, March 13th at Carr & Ferrell (120 Constitution Dr, Menlo Park) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Presenters included: a company that provides wireless, smartphone-connected, exposure/color meters for both novice and professional photographers and filmmakers; a company that is the world’s first mobile metabolic rate tracker that synchronizes wirelessly to a mobile app and allows you to measure and track resting metabolic rate to assess personalized caloric needs for your patients’ weight management; a company whose technology automates facility management leading to effective utilization of workforce and materials, and a company that is the first Smart Feeder device for newborn babies and provides critical feeding health, nutrition, and wellness data to parents and to medicine. 

The next WCS SiG will be on Monday, April 17th. To apply, please complete the online application and check " Wearables, Consumer & Semiconductor SiG".

Band Portfolio Company ClinCapture Announces Open House to Celebrate Launch of New EDC Product

Band portfolio company ClinCapture will launch its newest product on March 29th, 2017, a premium offering called Captivate. Click here for more information on the Captivate Launch Party.

New platform features include: 

  • Advanced geography-based deployment, localization, and language options
  • Free and elective upgrades (the ability to accept or reject software updates based upon sponsor needs and without disrupting trial flow at the site-level)
  • Private cloud options for enhanced privacy and performance

New product features include:

  • Interactive dashboards with SAS downloads
  • “Best of Both Worlds” drag-and-drop and programmable configuration options
  • Risk based monitoring (RBM) and enhanced site-level control

ClinCapture is the only validated electronic data capture software available to sponsors and CROs for free. As a leading cloud-based eClinical application, ClinCapture empowers its customers to build their own studies, lower their clinical trials costs, and streamline their data capture processes. Headquartered in San Francisco, ClinCapture offers solutions for single-site studies, multiple-site studies, and enterprise organizations.