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Michael Palmer

Michael E. Palmer holds a B.S. in Physics from Yale University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology. Mike was an early employee of Inktomi Corporation, which pioneered the use of parallel computer clusters for scalable Web search, at its peak serving the majority of all Web search queries, through customers including Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Hotbot, NTT (Japan), Goto, and others. He founded and led Inktomi’s Directory Engine product group, and later became the CTO of the Search division. After Inktomi, Mike spent a number of years conducting research in the Department of Biology at Stanford University, using computer models to study how evolutionary systems accumulate complexity over macroevolutionary time scales. He applied similar methods to evolve neural network controllers for robotics applications. His most successful angel investment exit to date was Ludic Labs, which was acquired by Groupon prior to its IPO. In the past couple of years, his angel investments include: Peloton, Terrajoule, HiQ Solar, Aquaharvest, Dating Ring, and Next Caller. Mike is currently a startup founder himself, and an alumnus of the Y Combinator accelerator program.