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 Kurt Robson

Kurt Robson graduated from the University of Chicago in 1980 and 1981. He completed a 5-year combined BA/MBA program. His career has been with 4 companies: 1. Professional Computer Resources => Computer Associates - 8 years as Consultant / Software Developer / Pre-sales consultant / Sales rep at an ERP software company that was eventually acquired by Computer Associates. 2.     Oracle Corporation - 16.5 years in development in various roles helping to design and build Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP) software.  Final role/title was VP Development / Chief Applications Architect.  One of his groups was responsible for design & architecture for the applications division, a team of over 5,000 engineers, many of whom he hired in the explosive growth days. In 2005 the company shifted direction from organic growth to growth by acquisition (PeopleSoft acquisition) at which point development focus shifted to integrating newly acquired apps and laying people off versus building new applications. 3.    IT Capital - Ongoing consulting role advising the founder on IT industry acquisitions.  IT Capital mainly invests in mature software companies.  4. Modern Logic International - his own software and angel investing company. Since leaving Oracle in 2005, he has built a niche market event management and ticketing application, operating as a pure SAAS app with about 100 customers and growing at a moderate pace. Kurt continues to do 95% of the programming and system administration himself. The revenue from this business is his funding for angel investments.