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Kurt Robson

Kurt Robson is Founder and CEO of Modern Logic International, a niche market event management and ticketing application. Kurt continues to do 95% of the programming and system administration and the revenue from this business is funding his angel investments. He is also CTO of IT Capital, which mainly invests in mature software companies. Previously, Kurt was with Oracle Corporation for 16.5 years in various roles helping to design and build the Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP) software. He was also directly responsible for development and product management of other product families within the suite. His final role/title was VP Development/Chief Applications Architect responsible for design and architecture for the applications division, a team of over 5,000 engineers. Prior to Oracle, for 8 years Kurt was with Professional Computer Resources, an ERP software company that was acquired by Computer Associates. He helped build ERP applications for IBM Minicomputers, and later transitioned to consulting, pre-sales, and finally sales roles. Kurt holds MBA and BA from the University of Chicago.