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Justin Sher

Justin Sher is a software developer, inventor, and investor. He has over 20 years of professional experience in developing internet marketing, reporting, and analytics systems. Previously, he was at Credit.Com for 17 years as a principal engineer developing their affiliate marketing, mobile app, web tracking, analytics and reporting systems. Starting six years ago, Justin developed a breakthrough cognitive enhancing nutritional supplement product known as CILTEP. He promoted the concept on internet message boards, and it became highly popular before a product launched. Four years ago, he teamed up with and helped start Natural Stacks, Inc. to market a product based on the CILTEP concept, which has grown to $200,000 a month in revenue. Justin has developed a total of six highly successful products for them. He holds the patent for CILTEP (US9149457). CILTEP is also currently the subject of three ongoing clinical research studies. Justin also invests in commercial real estate and hotel projects and has made several angel investments in the hardware, internet marketing, and SAAS business space over the previous two years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco. He lives in Woodside with his wife.