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Josh de Bever

Joshua de Bever is currently at the Stanford School of Medicine investigating new ways to treat brain cancer without invasive surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Physics, an MS in Physics, and a PhD in Robotics. He is an expert in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and image guided cancer therapies such as focused ultrasound, which selectively kills cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. The medical device he helped design and build at the University of Utah to treat breast cancer is heading toward clinical trials in Europe. Joshua is passionate about turning great ideas into useful products made by profitable companies. At the University of Utah, routinely #1 in the USA for commercializing research, he helped generate invention disclosures, patents, and critical research funding. His scientific expertise has been retained for technical due diligence, and he was introduced to the Band after becoming an increasingly active Angel investor. He recently completed the Stanford Graduate School of Business entrepreneurship program, Stanford IGNITE, where his team rapidly developed a Smart Farming business.