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Johan Odvar Odfjell

Johan Odfjell is the fourth and last generation owner of JO Tankers, a multinational shipping corporation with offices in Norway (HQ), Singapore, the Philippines, and the US. His areas of expertise include shipping, international finance, investments, business strategy, and operations. The Odfjell family in Bergen, Norway has been involved in shipping since 1915 when they started transportation of timber. In the 1930s the first tanker was built, and in the 1950s they entered the chemical tanker trade. The family was one of the pioneers in the global trade of chemical shipping and has taken a role as a leading provider of deep-sea transportation services for chemicals and other high value liquids like petroleum products and edible oils world wide. Johan Odvar Odfjell worked in the family company for over two decades serving as both CEO and Chairman, before he stepped down in 2011. In the Summer of 2016, Mr. Odfjell sold JO Tankers and parts of his shipping investments to Stolt-Nielsen and relocated to San Francisco with his family to start investments in technology startups though Planet 9 Capital, his US based venture company. Through Odfjell's other Norwegian based investment companies he is invested in chemical tankers, product tankers, offshore supply vessels, offshore wind vessels, container ships, commercial real estate properties (Norway), consumer finance bank, and various investment portfolios.