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Herman Eul

Dr. Herman Eul is a seasoned leader in high tech and business, based in Silicon Valley and Munich, with wide international business background. He was a senior executive in the semiconductor industry where he pioneered the approach of complete system solutions. Dr. Eul was Corporate VP at Intel where he finished the integration of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group, setting and executing the strategy for all Intel’s wireless businesses. He integrated 4,000 employees into Intel and harmonized four different business groups. Prior to Intel, he was CTO and CMO at Infineon Technologies as a member of the Executive Board. He was in the senior leadership team when Infineon was carved out from Siemens and became a DAX30 stock market listed company; leading a comprehensive operational business with 3,500 employees through the carve out from Infineon and getting it up running as a stand-alone Intel subsidiary. Dr. Eul is presently on the Boards of Knowles Corp., Tactual Labs Co., and Redpine Signals Inc. in the US, as well as Valens Semi Ltd. in Israel. He is a Senior Advisor to Digital+ Partners in Munich, and is also a Member of NACD, the US National Association of Corporate Directors. His interests are in helping great technologies become a great business, be that as a director, advisor, coach, or investor. If time is left on his calendar, he likes to fly airplanes.