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Harold Shattuck

Harold Shattuck has an extensive track record in developing new companies. With his background in investments, high technology and management, Harold is in a unique position to provide specific recommendations, and coach and guide CEO’s and CFO’s in building their businesses and dealing with the investment community. He has served on many advisory boards. As President and Founder of MC Tecinvest Incorporated, Harold advises clients in operations management, sometimes taking an operating role. Its clients include systems and applications software, wireline and wireless communications, computer storage systems, high frequency computer controlled point-to-point microwave networks and fiber optical cables for electronics. Harold has managed a number of large venture capital funds, both before and after starting MC Tecinvest. At Xerox Venture Capital, where he was the Vice President and Managing Partner, he established the West Coast office to make and manage venture capital investments primarily in the Western United States, and served on a number of boards of directors including: ParcPlace Systems; NetFRAME Systems; Interfax; Springer Technologies; Ballard Energy Systems; and Teradata, a public company. At Montgomery Securities, he was one of three partners responsible for managing several venture capital funds totaling approximately $110 million, and personally responsible for managing a fund investing in early-stage opportunities several of which - Metricom, Symantec and Plax - were very successful. Harold held executive positions at System Industries Inc., Amdahl Corporation, and IBM Corporation, and has been an SEC licensed investment banker.