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Geoff Tate

Geoff Tate was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and grew up in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He graduated from University of Alberta in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and then from Harvard in 1976 with an MBA. 1979-1990 Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale CA and Austin TX, started as product marketing engineer for bipolar microprocessors (Am2900 family), then product marketing manager for bipolar microprocessors, then marketing manager for all bipolar logic. In 1983 became Managing Director for microprocessor boards, first GM position. A succession of GM positions followed of increasing people/revenue size: PALs, ECL gate arrays, 29000 RISC microprocessor and MOS peripherals and by 1988 Sr VP of all Microprocessors and Logic with over 500 direct reports and about 1/3 of companies revenue reporting to President. Last major project was cloning 80386, keeping AMD in the microprocessor business. 2010-2012 CEO & Chairman of Nanosolar. Asked by Benchmark and MDV (2 of the 3 original backers of Rambus) to step in and get the company on track. Learning about something new intrigued me, so I did. Working with the team, we got Nanosolar into production, got the efficiency to competitive levels, got the yields way up. The solar market went from good to bad during this time period, but we succeeded in finding a source of significant capital. Once this funding was solidly on track I stepped down to return to retirement! (The original plan was i'd only be the 3-6 months but the problems were much greater than the VC's had realized). 2014+ CEO of Flex Logix Technologies, Inc. a startup doing programmable logic as an IP core (like ARM does for microprocessors). Based in Mountain View. First product shipping Q4/2014. On the board of Everspin Technologies, a Venture backed company doing magnetic memories. On the Advisory Board for Cal Poly Engineering and University of Alberta Computer Science.