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David Whiteside

David Whiteside, managing member of Whiteside Management LLC, is head of a consulting firm in San Francisco that acts as Owner’s Representative for high net worth individuals on extremely high end personal residential and commercial construction and estate projects throughout the United States. Having grown-up on the Peninsula, attending Burlingame High School and SF state, Whiteside began his business career as a general contractor, real estate property manager. Early in the business computer software development, he programmed a job cost accounting software to be use in the construction industry. In 1986 he founded a commercial general and engineering construction company in San Francisco that is still very active today, CCI General Contractors. This company specialized in commercial and industrial construction throughout the bay area with a specialty in structural and seismic retrofitting as well as manufacturing facilities ranging from food and packaging to silicon wafer plants. After selling CCI in 2005 Whiteside concentrated on energy and real estate investing as well as building his construction consulting business. He currently has investments in companies that include restaurants (Mission Bay Foods), semi-conductor (Geo Semi, Snap DNA) Software (Slateplan), Technology products, (Woo sports, App Bank, Mo-DV, Teslonix, Construcs).