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David Burwen

Since joining the Band in 1998, David Burwen has divided his time between angel investing, as a Managing Director of Venture Development Group (VDG), educating economically disadvantaged students, as co- founder of the Burwen Education Foundation (BEF), and adventure travel. Since 1998 he has invested in more than 30 early stage companies and several side funds of major VC companies including Sequoia and Horizon. He has led investment syndicates and provided financial, strategic, operational, marketing, and sales consulting. David’s adventure travels include trekking and/or skiing in mountains around the world including Europe, Nepal, Alaska, Patagonia, Canada and the USA. Prior to VDG David served as the initial sales, marketing and business development executive for start-up Aspect Development. He was a key contributor to Aspects growth from its start in 1992 to 1997 sales of $50M, and an IPO in 1996. Prior to Aspect he was CEO of Echelon Management Systems (consulting firm in supply chain management and business development), CEO of Adaptive Intelligence (robotic assembly work cells,) and a director of Computer Integrated Manufacturing at Integrated Automation (a Teknekron Company). He started his career as a sales rep for Olivetti, Digital Equipment and Data General. David has served on the board of directors of several private high tech companies. Through the founding of the Burwen Education Foundation in 2001, David and his wife, Dr. Susan Jo Burwen, provide enabling college scholarships to high potential high school students from economically disadvantage families (www.befmountainview.wordpress.com) . The BEF provides substantial funding and mentoring for a few select students. As of 2013 the BEF has provided 14 full funding scholarships and more that 60 smaller grants. It has a 92+% graduation success rate within a cohort where only 11% graduate from college. The BEF is also providing bottom up development for a village in rural Himalayan Nepal, where it has funded the villagers building a school complex, now educating 140 students, and a hydroelectric power plant providing village electricity. David and Susan are currently creating their next home, the Mountain View Cohousing Community (www.mountainviewcohousing.org). It will facilitate friendship and social interaction among neighbors with shared activities such as meals, exercise, parties, or just getting together. David has a BS in physics from WPI and a MA in physics from Brandeis University.