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Chin Tong (CT) Wong

Chin Tong (CT) Wong serves as Chief Marketing Officer - USA Sales & Marketing at Venture Corp Limited and served as its Chief Marketing Officer until December 2015. Venture Corporation Limited is a high-tech design and manufacturing firm based in Singapore.  Mr. Tong serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Scinetic Engineering Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Venture Corp Ltd. He is responsible for managing the Venture Group's global marketing activities and provides marketing leadership and direction. Mr. Wong played a key role in the development of Venture's operations and manufacturing sites in the United States. He joined the Venture Group in January 1990. He has extensive exposure and knowledge in the electronics industry and possesses valuable industrial experience in material management and supply chain management. He served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Venture Corp. Ltd. He held key management positions in companies such as the Hewlett-Packard Company, Essex Circuits and AT&T Corporation. He is a Fellow Rotarian. Mr. Tong holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University.