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Basant Kedia

Basant Kedia is Managing Director with First Republic Bank. He is part of the exclusive Private Banking Team, where his team manages startups, venture capital firms, ultra high net-worth families. Basant was co-founder of the startup Admit Key and is also investor in multiple startups and micro VC funds. Basant is the founding member of Baruch VC Fund (Alma Mater) and is a Charter Member at TIE. Basant has been in banking for the last 15 years starting with HDFC Bank in Mumbai, then Vice President of HSBC in New York. In 2008, he moved to Bay Area to start the South Asian Banking Group (HSBC). This where the startup bug bit him and subsequently, in 2011 he moved to First Republic Bank, where he was instrumental in establishing the Startup Practice. Basant is a tri-athlete and his goal is to compete in Iron Man. He is involved with Foundation of Excellence (a non-for-profit for College students in India), and he also enjoys mentoring college students in his Alma Mater. Basant completed Executive Education on Venture Capital-Private Equity at Harvard Business School. He earned Master of Business Administration from Baruch College, as well as Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai. When he is not working, he is seen biking or swimming with his kids or travelling internationally. He has visited over 30 countries in last 5 years. He and his wife have two lovely daughters.