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Mergers and Acquisitions

The following companies were seeded by the Band:


Initial Public Offering:  August 2nd 2013

Market Cap:  $264M

Presented to the Band: February 2007

About the Company:  Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (Nasdaq:MBII) is a leading provider of bio-based pest management and plant health products for the agriculture, turf and ornamental and water treatment markets. Our effective and environmentally responsible biopesticides help customers around the world operate more sustainably while controlling pests, improving plant health, and increasing crop yield.


Initial Public Offering:  November 19th 2004

Market Cap:  $564.37M

Presented to the Band: April 2002

About the Company:  PortalPlayer is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets comprehensive platform solutions, including a system-on-chip, firmware and software, for manufacturers of feature-rich, hard disk drive-based personal media players. On January 5th 2007, NVIDIA Corporation completed its acquisition of PortalPlayer, Inc.


Initial Public Offering:  November 23rd 2003 (NYSE: GTOP)

Market Cap:  $373.52M

Presented to the Band: October 1998

About the Company:  Genitope Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of novel immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Genitope was founded in 1996 by Dan W. Denney, Jr., Ph.D., after he developed the Hi-GET. technology, an important part of Genitope s proprietary manufacturing process, which is designed to rapidly and efficiently produce their immunotherapies.

Initial Public Offering:  June 23rd 2000 (NYSE: CPHD)

Market Cap:  $400.33M

Presented to the Band: March 1997

About the Company:  Cepheid develops, manufactures, and markets fully-integrated systems that perform genetic analysis, including DNA and RNA analysis, for the clinical genetic assessment, biothreat, and life sciences markets. Their systems enable rapid, sophisticated genetic testing of organisms by automating otherwise complex manual laboratory procedures.



Initial Public Offering:  February 23rd 2000 (NYSE: CVG)

Market Cap:  $2.11B

Presented to the Band: June 1996

About the Company:  Convergys Learning Solutions has provided outsourced training services to Fortune 1,000 clients for 12 years, and through the Convergys 2004 acquisition of DigitalThink, Inc. is now the global leader in custom e-learning solutions. Convergys Learning Solutions has over 400 learning professionals and over 500 clients in both the private and public sectors that include AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, BearingPoint, Hilton Hotels, Intuit, Circuit City, Kinkos, Mazda, Cisco, State of Florida, and Microsoft.



Initial Public Offering:  January 25th 2000

Market Cap:  $139.87M

Presented to the Band: March 1998

About the Company:  Neoforma is a leading provider of supply chain management solutions for the healthcare industry. Through an innovative combination of technology, information and services, Neoforma's Web-based solutions enable effective collaboration between hospitals and suppliers, helping them to eliminate inefficiencies and lower costs.


Initial Public Offering:  August 24th 1999 (NYSE: KEYN)

Market Cap:  $255.92M

Presented to the Band: June 1997

About the Company:  Founded in 1995, Keynote Systems, The Internet Performance Authority., is the worldwide leader in e-business performance management services. Over 2,100 corporate IT and marketing departments and 19,000 individual subscribers rely on Keynote s growing range of measurement and monitoring, service level and customer experience management services to improve e-business performance by reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.



Initial Public Offering:  June 4th 1999 (NYSE: WITC)

Presented to the Band: August 1997

About the Company:  Wit Capital was founded in 1996 as the first online investment bank and went public on June 4th 1999 trading under the symbol WITC on the NASDAQ. In January 2000, Wit Capital merged with SoundView Technology Group, Inc to form Wit SoundView Group, Inc a research-driven securities firm that provided institutional investors with fundamental research on companies in technology, media, telecom, healthcare and other growth-related industries. In January 2004 Charles Schwab Corporation acquired Wit SoundView Group, Inc for $345 million in cash. Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the nation's largest financial services firms providing securities brokerage, banking, wealth management and related financial services for over 7 million active accounts with more than $1 trillion in assets.



Initial Public Offering:  March 8th 1996 (NYSE: HOLX)

Market Cap:  $3.13B

Presented to the Band: September 1995

About the Company:  Novacept created the NovaSure System, an innovative endometrial ablation device to treat menorrhagia, or excessive menstrual bleeding. On March 24th 2004, Cytyc Corporation completed its $325 million acquisition of Novacept offering Cytyc an additional product focused on women's health. On October 22nd 2007 Hologic, Inc. (NASDAQ:HOLX) and Cytyc Corporation (NASDAQ: CYTC) merged together, creating one of the largest companies in the world focused on advanced technology in women's health.



Initial Public Offering:  August 28th 1997 (NYSE: NTFY.PK)

Market Cap:  $2.46M

Presented to the Band: September 1995

About the Company:  Founded in August 1994, Notify Technology first started as an innovative developer of telephony adjuncts for voice mail and caller-id notification targeting large local exchange carriers like BellSouth, SBC Corporation, Verizon, as its target market. On August 28, 1997 Notify became a public company and trades on the NASDAQ Over the Counter Market (OTC) under the symbol of NTFY.





The Band has invested more than $228M into over 277 companies. Of these 55 have been acquired and 10 have gone public on the Nasdaq.

The cumulative IRR for all band investments since inception, including the losses suffered through the bust, is a positive 54%.

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